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Course Description

This is a course regarding technical design and evaluation of pressurized agricultural irrigation systems, including system layout, pipe sizing, water applicator selection, pumping system hydraulics, water filtration requirements, and water application uniformity and efficiency.

Accurate computing of amount of pressure loss is very important in sprinkle and trickle irrigation system design. Not correctly adjusted of pressure loss are causes lack of appropriate performance or failure of sprinkle and trickle irrigation system. By tapered pipes, pressure loss adjusted using increasing or decreasing of pressure head. In this study using HydroCalc software, ability of single and tapered pipes in pressure loss adjusting has been compared. Single and tapered laterals were able to adjusting of pressure loss but single manifolds were not able to achieving to the desired pressure head. In single lateral-tapered manifold system due to the lower pressure loss in laterals, can be use from several types of pipe diameters for manifolds but in tapered lateral-tapered manifold system due to the more pressure loss in laterals, the choice is limited. The best diameters for tapered manifolds with single lateral were 69.2-36.8 mm, 69.2-58.2-36.8 mm, and 58.2-46.0-36.8 mm whereas the best diameters for tapered manifold with tapered lateral were 69.2-46.0-36.8 mm.

Course Curriculum

Section 1: Introduction
Introduction to Speech Details FREE 00:40:00
Perception of Speech Details 00:20:00
Section 2: Speech Types
Cognitive Speech Details 00:40:00
Speech Repetition Details 00:20:00
Speech Production Details 00:30:00
Section 3 : Errors & Problems
Problems involving Speech Details 00:20:00
Errors in Speech Details 00:35:00
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